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GQ for Tomboys: Summer Kicks Edition

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

It’s officially summer in a few days, so here’s a quick list of fun shoes you can get to up your style game this season. You can be ready for rain or shine in these kicks and look like a million bucks.

The Classics

1. Converse

You can never go wrong with Converse. If you have these shoes in your closet, you’re good to go in any type of weather. You can snag a pair of time-honored white Chucks or even customize a color scheme if you have something specific in mind. A classic for a reason, a pair of high top or low top Converse can bring together all kinds of outfits.

*Style Tip: If you want to customize your shoes, try a navy blue, burgundy, and brown color scheme.

Photo by Hoang Loc from Pexels

2. Vans

Vans slip-ons are a close second when it comes to versatility. You can wear these all summer, spring, and fall. Perfect for the warmer months, you can get in and out of these easily when you’re on the go. Although it’s always been a classic shoe for skaters, it’s been gaining mainstream popularity in recent years.

Photo by Mnz from Pexels

3. Toms

These shoes are not only comfortable, but charitable too. If you buy a pair, the company gives a free pair to a child in need. The shoes tend to be made of canvas, but depending on the style you like, you can get a pair made of other materials. Ideal for summer, these shoes are breathable and go with any outfit you want.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Dress Up or Down

1. Boat Shoes

A wardrobe staple, boat shoes are also super comfortable and great for the summer. They go with all kinds of outfits, whether you’re dressed down or going for a more formal look, i.e. a short sleeve button-up vs. a long sleeve button-up. Since they're multifunctional, you can wear them anywhere whether it's to the beach or a meeting.

*Style tip: If you want versatility, go for neutral tones like dark brown, gray, or navy blue. If you want a little more pizzazz, go for a fun color like mustard yellow or coral red.

Photo by Jem Sanchez

2. Oxfords

Another shoe that works for any season, a brown or black oxford can be worn dressed up or casual. In the summer, especially, you might want to stick to no show socks with your outfits for maximum comfort. Oxfords come in more than one color, so if you're feeling bold and adventurous, feel free to grab a pair in any color of the rainbow.

"Brown Lace Up Oxford" by vintspiration is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

3. Chelsea rain boots

These shoes are great for any season, but they’re especially useful in rainy weather. They’re a more grown-up and tomboyish take on galoshes. These ankle-length rain shoes are made of waterproof material but look like Chelsea boots. They’re sure to style up any outfit.

*Style tip: If you have dark wash jeans or straight cut pants, cuff them just above the boots for a clean look. Feel free to wear socks with a quirky print to show off between your cuffed jeans and boots.

Photo by Hermes Rivera on Unsplash

The Eclectics

1. Fun printed/patterned slip-ons

Summer calls for fun prints and patterns whether it’s on shirts, pants, or shoes. Keeping a simple color scheme like white and navy blue and pairing it with a fun printed shoe can elevate your style in a very easy way. You can mix textures like a denim-like chambray and plain colors in your clothes to highlight your cool kicks too.

Photo by Avinash Patel from Pexels

2. Flat sandals

If you like open toed shoes, flat sandals are perfect. Unlike flip flops, they keep your foot secure and are a bit more stylish. Plus, you don’t feel the pain of wearing heels for a long time either. You can find a pair that matches your aesthetic in almost any store or online.

*Style tip: Try tan, dark brown, navy, or black sandals for more versatility.

Image by algria from Pixabay

3. Espadrilles

These casual shoes are made for summer. Like Toms and sandals, they’re light and comfortable. They’re also very versatile in their function, because they can be worn with shorts, pants, or dresses. Espadrilles are a step up from flats and sandals too, because they feature a unique rope construction around the sole.

Photo by Pixabay


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