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Instagram’s Dapper Coach Cam Talks Fitness Tips, Style, and the Power of a Positive Attitude

A flat wide-brimmed hat makes more than an occasional appearance in Coach Cam’s social media posts. The hat, silver rings, and a beaming bright smile have become a trademark for the fitness coach and digital creator. Their varied feed features a mixture of fitness tips, stylish outfits, and daily declarations of gratitude.

"Fitness is bettering your physical [state], yes, AND also strengthening your mindset, your soul, and your heart because it’s a beautiful journey of learning a lot about yourself, overcoming setbacks, and limiting beliefs, and really developing a positive healthy active lifestyle that you can live out for the rest of your life," says Cam, when asked about their philosophy on staying healthy.

Cam believes fitness should be a daily mental and physical practice, regardless of what intensity or skill level you operate at. They stress that building consistency and good habits are integral to wellness. However, they say this is not necessarily an easy task for everyone when starting out. To establish a workout routine, Cam suggests allowing yourself breaks and off days when you need them.

When they're off the clock, you'll see their laidback, versatile style on display on their Instagram page, @coachcamcamfit. "I found my personal style by experimenting with what felt good and affirming for me, and what I felt most confident in. That just happens to be more on the masculine side of things...," says Cam about their fashion journey.

Casually scroll their feed, and you'll see them rocking athleisure one day and a menswear-street fashion mash-up another. Cam elaborates that their style is still ever-changing, because they are constantly inspired by other styles and like to just wear what makes them happy.

Their overall positive attitude is also evident in every post they share. Cam has a popular series of posts they call "Self Care Sundays," where they post about little kindness rituals they do for themselves. The posts range from going on walks to making a filling and tasty breakfast. Known for their positivity, Cam says that people perceive them as a person who doesn't have bad days and is always in a good mood. But, they argue that this is far from the truth and that they're human like anyone else.

"...There are days when I wake up extremely unmotivated, sad, anxious, frustrated, and super depleted but what shifts my state of being in those moments, is first allowing myself to experience and feel those wholeheartedly and then acknowledging that I have a new day in front of me," they say.



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