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Q&A with Airin Yung: Activist, Law School Grad, and Self-Proclaimed 'Dapper Daddy'

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Reminiscing about the OG Instagram days, Yung describes it as a simpler time when "we posted pictures of our cereal with five bajillion filters." They elaborate, saying that the app did evolve over the next few years to feature more fashion and creative content. At around the same time, Yung was facing a lot of negativity on Tumblr for speaking up about LGBTQIA+ Asian representation and providing queer style tips. This was the catalyst for their creative move from Tumblr to Instagram.

In the following interview, they discuss their passion for health law, the importance of magnifying Black voices amid the BLM movement, and dressing like an '80s dad on a daily basis.

You can find them @airinyung on Instagram!



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