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Chiropractor Couple In-Training

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Graduate students Jolene and Robin are almost done with their chiropractic school training. This American and Canadian couple has a popular Instagram account, @just_human_chiropractic_, where they share their progress through their doctoral program along with fitness and rehab advice. Jolene and Robin started their account with the intention of not only documenting their grad school journey, but also their life journey as an out and proud gay couple. Their passion for life and each other is evident in their posts!

In the following interview, they dished about their account, personal styles, and their favorite LGBT accounts on Instagram.

1. Tell me a bit about yourselves and why you started this account.

“Jolene and I are more than halfway through our chiropractic doctoral program, which has been the hardest thing we’ve ever done, but also the most rewarding! It’s also where we met. We are obsessed with feeling good and making the most out of life and never miss an opportunity to grab life by the balls. We started our account because we wanted a place to showcase us and the life we are building together!”

2. What is your account all about?

“Our account is all about family, showing the love that we all deserve, and taking advantage of this life that we are all so lucky to be taking part in. We want it to be a platform where people can see a healthy happy gay relationship from every stage. We also want people to see that being gay is just a part of it, and that we are just an All-American/Canadian family.”

3. Who are your style inspirations?

Jolene: “It’s hard to say. I don’t really have a style inspiration, per se. Recently, it’s been Tyler from The Bachelorette. But in general, I just kind of feel the inspiration when I walk into a store and know when I put something on if it’s ‘me’ or not.”

Robin: “I love fashion. My style is much more feminine, and I’d probably say I love trends! I’m honestly mostly inspired by my friends. They all have this amazing style! Clearly we are big Bachelor/Bachelorette fans, because the first person I think of who I’m like, I love her style, has to be Cassie Randolph from Colton’s season.”

4. How would you describe your personal style?

J: “One day it can be country cowboy wearing cowboy boots and blue jeans and the next day I’m more of an urban kid wearing Converse and joggers. It’s a wide spectrum, but you’ll never catch me in a dress.”

R: “I feel like I have three styles. Yoga pants and crop tops. Jumpers, jumpers, and more jumpers. And finally business chic. Overall, I’m trendy AF and I love it.”

5. What are your go-to outfits?

J: “Jeans and a white t-shirt.”

R: “Jean jumper and white crop top. Jean shorts and white t-shirt, or jeans and a white tank top. As you can tell, we love our basics.”

6. Is there any significance behind your personal style or the kinds of clothes you like?

J: “Dressing the way I do is all about accepting who I am and that I can show the world how I feel inside by what I wear on the outside. I’m super comfortable in my style, and I love that our account is a platform to show people it’s okay to be masculine and be a woman. And I love looking fly for Robin.”

R: “Growing up as a dancer I think my style definitely reflects that. I love feeling good in my clothes and always make an effort to pick ‘the perfect outfit’ for each day. It makes me feel good!”

7. What are some of your favorite LGBT Instagram accounts?








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